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The convenience, capabilities, and cost savings of switching to unified cloud communications bring an increasing number of businesses to the cloud. In fact, according to a 2021 Grand View Research Report, the global UCaaS market is currently on track to experience a 23.6% compound annual growth rate over the next seven years. The cloud is the future of communications, and the increased efficiency of a unified cloud solution gives businesses a competitive advantage.

Streamline Your Transition

Don’t let concern over a time-consuming and cumbersome transition hold you back. When you partner with CornerStone on a UCaaS implementation, you get dedicated expert support and white-glove service every step of the way. Transitioning your communications to the cloud has never been easier.

We partner with first-rate UCaaS providers like Vonage Business Communications and can help you determine if VBC is the right fit for your business. CornerStone and Vonage are empowering your team to communicate in every possible way. Whether you’re texting, calling, instant messaging, web conferencing, or e-faxing, VBC’s comprehensive communications solution has you covered. 

Setting Up Your New System

Setting up a new system can be overwhelming – and we know how important it is to get it right. At CornerStone, our team of trusted experts takes time to understand your business needs and determine how to maximize the value you’ll receive from implementing a new UCaaS solution. 

We’ll strategize and oversee your new system setup and make sure your team understands how to manage everything. You’ll get the exact features and functionality you need, including any necessary integrations and customizations.

Here are just a few of the technical features you can enjoy with VBC:

  • 40+ advanced calling features plus customized voice and messaging workflows like smart call routing and auto-recording
  • 50+ communications apps available through the Vonage App Center and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Video conference scheduling via an integrated calendar system, plus easy to record and share HD-quality video via Vonage Meetings
  • QoS with SmartWAN, enabling the use of bandwidth-intensive apps over public internet while maintaining a high-quality experience

Managing Your UCaaS Solution

Unlike premise-based solutions that can only be accessed through a dedicated server, VBC is accessible via the internet and available 24-7. Your new UCaaS solution can be managed from anywhere, anytime. 

Plus, with CornerStone, you’ll have a single go-to point of contact to assist you with troubleshooting any issues that arise quickly. With our high-tier expert support, we’ll get you back to smooth sailing in no time with minimal stress or hassle

With CornerStone and Vonage Business Communications, you’ll enjoy:

  • High availability and cross-region failover, maximizing productivity and allowing your team to stay connected from any device and location
  • An easily manageable VBC account via the intuitively designed Vonage Admin Portal, minimizing necessary admin time
  • Fast expert support from your dedicated CornerStone tech expert, so you don’t spend a ton of time untangling complex problems

Transform Your Communications

When you partner with CornerStone on a custom Vonage implementation, you’ll see an immediate and powerful transformation in how your organization communicates. Here are some of the many transformative benefits of switching to UCaaS with CornerStone and VBC.

Before UCaaS:

  • Your employees are using a disjointed hodge-podge of communications apps, and you don’t have the means to support them all (nor do you want to)
  • Everyone is spending way too much time on repetitive manual tasks, lowering productivity and driving up personnel costs.
  • There is a lack of visibility around what people are doing at any given point in time.
  • Training and support costs are rising and throwing your budget off-kilter. 
  • Hardware and software maintenance is becoming unwieldy and expensive.

After UCaaS:

  • Everyone uses a single unified solution for all types of communications, streamlining and simplifying both user experience and technical support.
  • Repetitive and redundant processes are automated, freeing your employees to spend their time and effort on higher-value activities.
  • With the cloud, everyone can see what’s happening across the organization in real-time and better understand what needs to be done.
  • Less time is required for training and support, saving both time and money.
  • Both capital expenditures and operating costs are lowered after getting rid of your cumbersome legacy hardware and software.

At CornerStone Communications, we can get your communications into the cloud quickly and effectively. Start enjoying the full capabilities and convenience of a unified cloud solution and the transformational effect on your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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