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Contact center needs have evolved in tandem with today’s consumers. Early-era customer service teams typically relied mainly on voice communications, as there were few other viable options. As technology advanced, a multi-channel framework was widely adopted by businesses, and additional communication channels like email and chat tools were implemented.

However, with a multi-channel setup, each tool is siloed in its separate application. This inevitably creates time delays and other inefficiencies, as agents struggle to toggle between multiple interfaces. But fast response times are vital to a great customer experience: according to research by Salesforce, 83% of customers expect immediate engagement with their inquiry.

So what’s the solution? An omnichannel system like Vonage Business Communications (VBC) seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels in one cohesive platform. This means that all data and functionality agents need to provide excellent customer service resides in one convenient and easily accessible location.

Unparalleled channel options

With a CCaaS (Contact Center-as-a-Service) model, customers are empowered to select the channel that best meets their needs at any given time – and receives fast and effective service there. Vonage Business Communications enables contact center agents to engage with customers around the globe using cloud-based voice, video, messaging, fax, and social communication channels.

The Vonage Business Communications app can be quickly and conveniently accessed via desktop, mobile, and IP-supported devices. Contact center agents are enabled to seamlessly engage with customers via Instant Messaging tools on the company website site and social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Optimized customer experience

To maximize customer satisfaction, not only can you focus on adding more channels but also on enhancing the customer experience itself. Interact with your customers where they already are. CCaaS isn’t just about expanded functionality – it’s also about having the ability to create an ideal solution custom-tailored to your customers and your business

With an enterprise-class platform like Vonage Business Communications, you’ll instantly access better data and insights to help with this endeavor. Consolidated reporting and analytics are enabled through the platform, providing transparency and allowing for enhanced process optimization. Real-time performance management also becomes a reality.

Fast and easy setup

​With Vonage’s flexible platform, CornerStone can remotely assist with a custom deployment of VBC Desktop, VBC Mobile, and IP Phones in both local and international locations – whatever meets your needs. Get up and running in the cloud with maximum efficiency and the exact features you need.

Vonage is an excellent solution for contact centers with heavy inbound sales and outbound calling programs. Your preferred channels can easily be selected via either the desktop or mobile app. We can also help you set up customized voice and messaging workflows via Vonage Business Communications’s Smart Numbers feature.

Advanced customization opportunities

Vonage Business Communication offers an enterprise-grade phone system with 40+ calling features. You can also set up local calling via 50-plus international numbers to further enhance customer service. 

CornerStone’s white-glove service can come alongside to assist with custom deployment, security feature implementation, and integration with numerous third-party apps. You can automatically prioritize urgent-response channels like call and chat and prioritize inbound service over outbound communications. 

With Vonage’s CCaaS platform, your agents can quickly move interactions across channels to minimize customer effort and wait time. You can also automate workflows and implement intelligent bots for even faster and better service.

Start your CCaaS transition today

Are you ready to experience the unrivaled quality, flexibility, and performance of a cloud-based omnichannel contact center? Here at CornerStone we’re passionate about helping you select and deploy a custom solution that truly fits your business and optimizes your customers’ experience. Contact us today to find out if Vonage Business Communication is the right solution for your business and your customers.