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No one wants to find themselves stuck working long hours on account of inefficient workflows caused by outdated technology. Most days, it’s challenging enough to stay on top of the vital work that needs to get done, let alone carve out time to complete the tedious manual tasks that have somehow worked themselves into overinflated business processes.

Here at CornerStone Communications, we’re passionate about helping you reclaim that lost time by implementing a robust unified communications solution that can deliver all of the functionality you and your team need in a convenient centralized location. For example, we can get you up and running fast with a first-class platform like Vonage Business Communications.

In a 2020 poll by Gartner, 54% of HR leaders cited inferior technology and infrastructure as the most significant barrier to effective remote work. Whether you’re working full-time from home, entirely out of the office, or in a hybrid model, CornerStone and Vonage Business Communications have you covered. Here are three high-impact ways we can help you streamline your business operations with unified communications:

Save massive time and effort with a centralized communications hub

The Vonage App Center is a one-stop-shop for all of your communications needs. No more valuable time will be wasted awkwardly toggling between apps – on desktop or mobile. CornerStone can use the Vonage Integration Platform APIs to customize your existing apps or help you create your own. All the tools you need to maximize productivity and streamline communications will be right at your fingertips.

Here are just a few examples of business management applications CornerStone can integrate with your call, text, IM, and e-fax functionality in one unified solution:

  • Collaboration tools: Office 365, G Suite, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • CRM tools: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk
  • Productivity tools: Prodoscore, Zapier
  • Web Conferencing tools: Zoom, Cisco Webex
  • Human Resource tools: JobDiva, Bullhorn
  • Other business management tools: Oracle NetSuite, ConnectWise

10X the customer experience with custom voice and message workflows

With Vonage’s Smart Numbers, customized voice and messaging workflows can be employed to extend your unified communications functionality further. Smart Numbers customizations can be programmed with standard web technologies using very little code – and pre-packaged apps requiring no additional code are available for some features. CornerStone can help you select and implement the most valuable automation for your business.

Deploy powerful Smart Number features like these to delight both your customers and your team instantly:

  • A virtual receptionist bot can manage custom call routing and minimize wait times
  • Automated schedulers and appointment reminders ensure meetings run smoothly
  • Automatic call logging guarantees that important information never gets lost
  • Real-time translation and transcription services provide quick, convenient support
  • Automatic recording uploads make information easily accessible with minimal effort

Enable your team to operate effectively with complete location independence 

Vonage’s unified cloud communications system gives you the power to represent yourself from any location just as if you were physically present in the office. All Vonage calling, messaging, and collaboration functionality can be easily accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime. CornerStone will ensure that your entire system is set up correctly from Day 1 for maximum performance and quickly troubleshoot any technical issues.

With unified communications, organizational silos are broken down, and your team can enjoy the same benefits remotely as they do in the office:

  • Calls placed to your work number can ring through to your cell phone – without eating personal data – so you can be easily reached at one number from any location
  • Video conferencing tools provide a face-to-face communication experience even when you can’t be sitting in the same room
  • Screen sharing apps let you peek over a collaborator’s shoulder without actually standing at their desk
  • Chat apps facilitate “water cooler” conversations between colleagues without physically being in the break room
  • Availability notification tools let you know when someone is free to chat without wasting time waiting to see if they’ll pick up the call
  • Vonage World Office enables deployment of the VBC app on all types of devices internationally, making even the most remote locations completely accessible

Could streamlined communications transform your business?

At CornerStone, we care about finding the right tools to optimize your business communications. We can evaluate your current workflows and operational needs and determine if Vonage will provide the best value for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.