telecomaudmedOver 40% percent of the IT budget goes towards telecom, which is the largest expense category. Are you paying for wireline capacity your company is no longer using? Are you staying on top of carrier invoices, which can contain errors most often not in your favor? Are you aware that POTS lines, Voice T1s, and PRIs will be obsolete in 2020?

CornerStone can perform a cost reduction audit of your current telecom and communication invoices for excess costs and errors, and we will work to secure the lowest rates with your service providers or recommend a migration plan to leverage IP Services such as SIP and MPLS to save your company money each month.

We help companies capture savings by auditing telecom spending, recovering overpayment due to carrier and provider billing errors, and give you a snapshot of your phone system and the trunks that are being under or over used.

Our telecom expense management professionals know the industry jargon, the benchmark pricing, and the unpublished discount rates. We will identify billing errors, detect instances of over-service, and get you best-in-class telecom rates through technology enhancements.