CornerStone could not build its ultimate recommendation of a fully redundant network design without the use of the diverse cable ISPs from coast to coast. This is why we carry most of the leading cable companies to provide a low cost secondary backup network to the primary multimedia designs. In some rare cases, we will recommend a data only design to a small location, but typically we will lead with a primary design from AT&T or Level 3 and secondary design from TWCable, Charter, Comcast, Cox, etc. The main reason for this is simple, broadband cable solutions are in a shared broadcast domain, have small footprints of availability in their independent franchise territories, and in most cases do not provide the SLA’s required for business critical traffic. The exception comes in when we discuss fiber solutions from the same ISP. In those cases, it becomes a design and cost performance tradeoff that requires further discussions.

When building multi carrier networks, emphasis on equipment, security, and knowing how to leverage the balance between both networks is our recommendation, which results in maximized business continuity.