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Are fragmented communication tools and services lowering the productivity of your workforce, generating hassles for your tech team, and creating leaks in your budget? Does a flexible and scalable unified cloud solution sound appealing, but you’re not sure how to select the right platform and plan a successful transition?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) makes unified communications services available to businesses from the cloud. Organizations that switch to a UCaaS solution may enjoy several potential benefits. For example, according to a 2020 research study by IDG and Masergy, the top drivers of investment in UCaaS are increasing IT flexibility and agility (40%) and increasing productivity and collaboration (24%).

A UCaaS solution that CornerStone has been really impressed with is Vonage Business Communications (VBC). VBC’s world-class solution integrates calling, messaging, and video communications for global businesses so their workforce can communicate seamlessly across multiple channels. Here are several additional benefits you can expect when you partner with CornerStone to transition your communications to VBC:

Higher quality communications with less time and effort

  • Improved quality Moving communications to the cloud can improve communication quality, increasing both employee productivity and customer satisfaction. The VBC platform provides Quality of Service (QoS) technologies, including SmartWAN, which allows your team to utilize high-bandwidth applications over public broadband connections without compromising quality. 
  • Easier collaborations Internal collaborations become more manageable with a single user interface for calling, messaging, and video. The Vonage Meetings feature also allows you to schedule video conferences via an integrated calendar, and meetings can quickly be recorded and shared with HD quality video.
  • Fast setup CornerStone and VBC make moving your communications to the cloud easy. Your team can begin global collaborations in as little as 24-72 hours. The Vonage Admin Portal is easily navigable for effortless account management – and reliable communications are ensured with Vonage’s excellent 99.999% uptime record. Plus CornerStone’s exceptional support team will be there throughout the implementation process to make sure it goes seamlessly.

Reduced cost of ownership with on-demand scalability

  • Minimized equipment costs The Vonage platform’s total cost of ownership is lower than that of most UCaaS alternatives. Convenient inclusion of all the advanced voice and data tools you need in a unified cloud package frees you from the need to purchase and maintain expensive equipment on-premise.
  • Streamlined operations A unified cloud solution eliminates the hassle and expense of maintaining multiple standalone applications and legacy systems – as well as the cost of training users. Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, or traditional phone service, CornerStone can bring all of your functionality together in a single solution through Vonage, saving you time and money.
  • Easy scalability VBC cloud services scale quickly in proportion to the growth of your business, allowing you to pay as you go for only what you need. And when you partner with CornerStone on your transition, we make sure to negotiate the lowest rates for your specific requirements so you can stop bleeding money on fixed operating costs and redirect it to value-generating initiatives and mission-critical business operations. 

Maximum flexibility to meet your exact business needs

  • Extensive features VBC facilitates collaboration on desktop, mobile, and IP-supported devices. Both a desktop and mobile app are available. The Vonage App Center provides 50+ critical business applications, enabling a wide range of communications options for sales teams and other communication-heavy business units. And VBC’s enterprise-grade phone system offers 40+ calling features for maximum versatility. 
  • Remote support VBC enables employees to operate from anywhere, including remote work from home or onsite work in the field. And with a UCaaS solution, they can receive calls over personal wi-fi without using personal data. CornerStone can also help you set up integrations with your other business applications to facilitate the capture and transmission of critical business intelligence from disparate sources.
  • Geographic reach Vonage World Office enables deployment of the VBC desktop app and IP phones internationally, and remote employees worldwide can also easily access the VBC mobile app. Local calling options can be enabled for customers close to home, while VBC’s Smart Numbers feature provides customized voice and messaging workflows that allow your team to meet customer needs faster.

Are you ready for unified cloud communications?

Vonage is just one of the business-transforming UCaaS providers CornerStone supports. We can help you find the solution that fits your business best while negotiating costs to give you the best possible value. Contact us today to learn more.