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Effectively managing a contact center can be challenging even in the best conditions. But when you’re also struggling to operate with disparate or outdated communications systems, it can be nearly impossible to keep things running efficiently.

According to research firm Gartner, the CCaaS (Contact Center-as-a-Service) model will attain a mainstream level of adoption by the customer support function in less than two years. This means that organizations that don’t transition to CCaaS soon will face a severe competitive disadvantage.

How can switching to CCaaS improve your contact center?

Implementing a unified omnichannel communications system means being able to integrate all forms of communication seamlessly. Your contact center agents can reply to your customers via live chat on your website or through any of your social media messaging channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

More communication channels mean more ways for your customers to get the assistance they need at the time and place they need it. Having all of your channels tied into a single unified system means that your agents can get all of the information they need instantly and have the ability to quickly and easily switch between all of the technologies required to do their job.

What CCaaS with Vonage can do for your business

CornerStone’s team of CCaaS implementation experts have seen the power Vonage Business Communications combined with Vonage CX Express and CX Elevate has to revolutionize contact center operations. Here are just a few ways transitioning to Vonage’s omnichannel solution can simultaneously improve your customer, manager, and agent experience.

Effectively managing your contact center gets a lot easier

With Vonage, contact center managers can monitor agent and customer activity in real-time. Custom reports can also easily be created with omnichannel insights. Supervisors can virtually  “look over an agent’s shoulder” to see their stats day-by-day, instantly see how many calls are being missed, and listen in on the conversation as needed.

New features and phone extensions can easily be added at any time by a phone system administrator via the Vonage Admin Portal. CornerStone’s expert implementation team can come alongside to help you plan, set up, and maintain a contact center solution that’s the exact right fit for your business – both now and in the future.

Vonage helps agents assist customers better and faster

Vonage’s 40+ advanced calling features make it easier than ever for your contact center agents to provide the best possible customer service seamlessly. In addition to standard call forwarding, call groups can be set up to enable simultaneous forwarding to multiple extensions. A call queue can also be created to ensure that each call is prioritized correctly.

With custom call tagging and caller ID, agents can quickly identify the caller and call origin as soon as the call comes through. And with call flip, calls can be seamlessly transferred between desktop and mobile devices as needed. CornerStone can help you set up a custom system configuration, including all of the features your agents need to succeed.

Additional features further improve your ability to deliver a great CX

With Vonage, you’ll have access to call logs, call recording, and call monitoring features, so you can easily monitor and track everything that happens. Smart call routing can be enabled via a virtual receptionist to ensure that each customer always gets to the best agent. Self-service can also be made available to your customers via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

These features mean that customer wait times will be minimized, and customers can receive faster service – via any channel, from any location. Remote agents can quickly assist from home just as well as on-site agents. And if there does come a need for a customer to be placed into a holding queue, Vonage’s music on hold feature can be implemented to make their wait a little more pleasant.

Add the power of CCaaS to your contact center

Fast, effective customer service is vital to your business. Don’t let cumbersome, inefficient communications systems hold you back. CornerStone can help you determine if Vonage Business Communications with Vonage CX Express and CX Elevate is the right CCaaS solution for your contact center. Contact us today to learn more.